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Michael Walker

Artist's Bio

    As the designer of more than 20 knife-locking systems, Michael Walker holds 5 US and foreign patents and was listed in Who's Who of American Inventors in 1992. What does it take to be internationally recognized in your field and invited to exhibit in the US, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Asia? Walker says its all about the invention - the creative process and the artistic engineering of the idea.
    "Having the idea, getting the idea to actually work, and seeing the finished object; that's where its at for me," he explains. "As a master craftsman, I believe in sole authorship...in taking the piece from conception, through design, construction and completion all with my own hands." The work of almost 30 years shows his mastery of design, technical expertise, and the innovative use of different materials. "It is the achievement of balance between form and function," Walker says that inspires him. His work is the subject of interviews, photography, and articles appearing in magazines, educational and industry books published world-wide in several languages. Walker's pieces have received more than 20 awards at home in the US and internationally. In 2004, Michael Walker was inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame.
    Living and working at the edge of the National Forest in Taos, New Mexico, this 30-year resident of Taos enjoys hiking or riding his bicycle in the mountains. He also enjoys walking and playing ball with his dog, Zatoichi.
    "I am an artist, designer, inventor, and craftsman. Sculpture is the form that naturally speaks to me. Metal is the media I love and know best. Working in metal is like breathing. I am at home there."
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