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Michael Walker

Gallery of Work - Art Knives

    Artist's Statement
    "My work evolves as the process goes through its many stages. I rarely have a finished picture in my mind, usually only a starting point or feeling. Each step influences the next and the process and materials make their influence known also. I try to be open to the influences of the universe and let the work grow as we take the journey together to completion. All my skills as a metal worker are like parts of a vocabulary. I journey through the fragments of language until the parts become a whole sentence and in the end, there is something to say."
    Artist's Bio
    Gallery of Work - Sculpture

3 From 2003 Art Kife Invitational

Beryllium Copper D-Lock

Pivot Close-Up

Stainless Damascus Blade-Lock

Titanium & Gold Sliding Lock

4 from 2001 Art Knife Invitational

Meteroite & Gold Bladelock with Zipper Blade

Stainless Steel Bladelock

Titanium & Beryllium Copper D-2 Lock

Damasteel & Titanium Linerlock

Titanium & Stainless Linerlock

From the Collection of Ed Wormser

Artist's Bio
Gallery of Work - Sculpture